Technical Notes (html)

square05_purple.gif EMI & EMC 용어집 [EMI용어(E), EMI용어(K)]

square05_purple.gif 고속 Interconection 및 Package [hsbd1]

square05_purple.gif 고속 Interconection 및 Package [hsbd2]

square05_purple.gif 고속 Interconection 및 Package [hsbd3]

square05_purple.gif IBIS Cookbook

Technical Notes (PDF)


square05_purple.gif The Effects of Vias on PCB Traces

square05_purple.gif 90 Degree Corners: The Final Turn

square05_purple.gif Crosstalk, Parts 1 and 2

square05_purple.gif Ground Plane 101

square05_purple.gif Ground Bounce, Parts 1 and 2

square05_purple.gif PCB Impedance Control

square05_purple.gif Differential Impedance

square05_purple.gif Bypass Capacitors

square05_purple.gif Temperature Rise in PCB Traces

square05_purple.gif Fusing Current

square05_purple.gif Loop Areas, Close 'Em Tight!

square05_purple.gif Slots in Planes: Don't Use 'Em!

square05_purple.gif Impedance Terminations

square05_purple.gif Critical Length Stuff

square05_purple.gif This Month's Quiz

square05_purple.gif Embedded Microstrip

square05_purple.gif Square Waves, Pulse Rise Times, Frequencies

square05_purple.gif Transmission Line Issues

square05_purple.gif Parallelism and Crosstalk

square05_purple.gif Right Angle Traces

square05_purple.gif Controlling Impedance

square05_purple.gif Adjusting Signal Timing

square05_purple.gif Maintaining Clean Power

square05_purple.gif Tools and Models

square05_purple.gif How to Select Bypass Caps

Technical Programs

square05_purple.gif Crosstalk Calculator

square05_purple.gif Transmission Line Calculator

square05_purple.gif PCB trace temperature calculator

square05_purple.gif EMC Analysis Program

[ 왼쪽 프로그램 수행에 필요한 Visual Basic ]

square05_purple.gif VBRUN300.DLL

square05_purple.gif cmdialog.vbx 

square05_purple.gif On-line Trace Width 계산


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